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Choline Chloride Silica Carrier

Molecular formula: C5H14ClNO

CAS: 67-48-1

EINECS: 200-655-4

RTECS: KH2975000

Executive standard: Q/370911THW 002-2016

Appearance: White drying mobility powder or granule

Effective constituent: Choline Chloride≥50.0%

Packaging: 25KG/bag, 625KG/bag.

Suggested usage: Sufficient and even mixing to use. Volume of addition suggested 1‰-3‰

Storage condition: Packaging by bags, and store at the drying storeroom without direct sunlight, avoid packaging from broken, drenched by rain and cross-pollution.

Manufacturer:HAVAY/GHW VN

Physical and chemical indicators:



Powder (Silicon Dioxide)


Main content,%



Silicon Dioxide

Particle size (850um),%


Loss on drying,%


Ignition residue,%


Ethylene glycol,%


Total free amines,%


Heavy metals (as Pb),mg/kg


Total Arsenic (As),mg/kg


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