Production Plant

Quality System

In 2016, GHW became the first company in the industry to pass the China National Laboratory Certification (CNAS). The testing center is equipped with advanced equipment like the Agilent LC, Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph, and Metrohm Ion Chromatograph. It is a fully functional test facility that includes facilities such as: Instrument Rooms, Analysis Rooms, Heating Rooms and Sample Rooms. The Testing Center employs more than 20 professional analysis personnel to ensure product quality.

 Strict control process to ensure the best quality is always met for GHW production;

We ensure that the production personnel are trained and certified to work;

Give priority to technologically advanced and automated production facilities;

Sampling and quality control from raw materials to finished products;

Strictly implemented standard operating procedures and production data records developed by the Process Technology Department;

Real-time monitoring and control of the production process through DCS systems and online instruments;

Use HAZOP analysis, SIL grading and verification, SIS system and other measures to ensure production safety and control;

Unique high-efficient multi-stage countercurrent absorption systems reduce the environmental impact of production processes and increase product yield;

Currently serving 5,000 customers worldwide, we have ensured product quality and earned a good market reputation by establishing goodwill of GHW branded products. 

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