Integrated Model

GHW International is an integrated service provider of applied chemical intermediates, offering a full range of comprehensive product portfolios and a full series of services related to the chemical intermediates supply chain.


1. Global subsidiaries directly communicate with end customers 

Constantly develop new regional market


2. Production and sale of high-quality chemical

Global production base layout


3. Integrated data management and e-commerce platform

The integrated data operation platform includes the ERP system, OA system and production process control system, which effectively reduces internal cost duplication and saves costs.The mobile applications for the e-commerce platform and the OA system have been launched.


4. Research and development with exceptional
Flexible adjustment of product portfolios and production plans.

5. Sale of products from third-party manufacturers
Able to efficiently deliver a wide range of products to customers around the world at lower prices.


6. Global supply chain management and financial services
One-stop support services including warehousing, transportation, global receivables control, exchange rate hedging and diversity of receivables collection model.

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