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Shandong Provincial Key Project supervision and service group visited GHW’s Havay

2020/06/04 >>

On June 4th, the Shandong Provincial Working Group-Daiyue District Team led by Han, Jifeng visited the Havay Group to investigate the key links and important nodes of the new project of Havay Industrial Park, were accompanied by Sun, Guibin, chairman of Havay Group, and Tian, Miao, deputy general ma


GHW's Xuzhou Havay Feed Co., Ltd. held an event in Songlou Town to help poor households

2020/06/02 >>

Recently, GHW's Xuzhou Havay Feed Co., Ltd. held an event in Songlou Town to help poor households. General manager Li, Zongtian sent poverty relief funds to two poor households in Songlou Village. 2020 is the year for China to realize the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-ro


The ceremony of GHW's Havay Group's "Safe Production Month" event was held

2020/06/01 >>

On June 1, the ceremony of Havay Group's 2020 "Safe Production Month" event with the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a safe line of defense" was held. Group leaders, department heads and representatives of departments participated.


Leaders from the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce visited Havay, a subsidiary of GHW

2020/05/23 >>

On May 23, Xia, Bingjun, director of the Fair Trade Department of the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, visited Tai’an Havay, a subsidiary of GHW, accompanied by leaders from the Tai'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the district government, and Dawenkou Industrial Park.Director Xia, Bingju

Exhibition Plan & Information


VIV Qingdao 2019


VIV Qingdao 2019 Asia International Animal Husbandry Exhibition ended on September 21 at the Qingdao World Expo City Center. GHW’s Tai'an Havay Group participated in this grand event with its sales team.

Polyurethane Pakistan successfully closed


2019.5.2-5.5, at the Lahore Expo Center in Pakistan, the GHW polyurethane team participated in the Polyurethane Pakistan exhibition. The Polyurethane Business Unit is the company's strategic business unit, dedicated to the development and supply of a wide range of polyurethane products and tailor-made solutions for energy-efficient residential, commercial buildings, automotive, electrical, furniture, thermal insulation materials, etc. The customer develops and produces formulas according to customer needs, providing fully formulated systems and solutions.

GHW brings choline chloride, betaine and iodized salt products to participate in the 2019MPF Midwest Poultry Exhibition


2019.3.12-3.14, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, GHW took choline chloride, betaine, and iodized salt products to participate in the 2019MPF Midwest Poultry Show. The production capacity of GHW choline chloride, betaine production capacity and trace element premix is ​​leading domestic counterparts. It uses the most advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad, and is superior to the international standard organization.

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