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Choline Chloride Liquid

Molecular formula: C5H14ClNO

CAS: 67-48-1

EINECS: 200-655-4

RTECS: KH2975000

Executive standard: HG/T2941-2004

Appearance: Colorless transparent and viscous liquid

Effective constituent: Choline Chloride ≥70% ,≥75%,≥78%

Packaging:220KG/drum,230/KG/drum,1085KG/drum,1100KG/drum, 21.5MT/flexitank,22MT/flexitank,22.5MT/flexitank,23MT/flexitank or according to the clients’ request.

Suggested usage: Volume of addition suggested 1‰-3‰

Storage condition: Storing at sealed and drying condition of room temperature.


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