R&D and technology

R&D Team

We employ a professional and experienced R & D team that is manned by dozens of masters and bachelor graduates; who are led by industry leading experts. This elite team is responsible for product development research, technology upgrades, ensuring organized development, promotion and new technology reserves of the company's new products. They ensure the technological leadership of our products in the global industry.

GHW strongly supports R&D personnel to participate in professional development with external research institutions such as universities. This strengthened relationship allows GHW to stay up to date and master the latest technologies and developments in the industry.

GHW continues to hire the most experienced personnel in the chemical industry to participate in R&D product development, and cooperate with professionals in scientific research institutions and to enhance the company's research and development. 

The communication and coordination between the R&D team, marketing team and production team is essential. This allows timely understanding of both market and production need; granting GHW the ability to create clear market objectives and achieve target goals.

R&D Strength

The testing center is equipped with advanced equipment such as Agilent LC, Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph, and Metrohm Ion Chromatograph.With state-of-the-art testing areas including instrument room, analysis room, a greenhouse, and sample room.

The company established a research and development center in accordance with the GLP standard. In 2016, the testing center passed a rigorous review which included the CNAS on-site evaluation. Havay has become the company in the industry which has been accredited by the CNAS National Laboratory.

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