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The polyurethane business unit is dedicated to the development and supply of a wide range of polyurethane products and tailor-made solutions for customers in energy-efficient residential, commercial construction, automotive, electrical, furniture, thermal insulation materials, etc., according to customer needs Formulation development and production, providing fully formulated systems and solutions. In the course of development, we have maintained long-term and stable strategic partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies, and we are pursuing low-cost raw materials procurement around the world. Our products are sold all over the world.

  • Hard foam series: applied to plates, pipes, refrigerators, wood, spray, solar, etc.

  • Soft foam series: used in car seat cushions, car carpets, engine covers, car cushions, household products, toy crafts, etc.

  • Semi-rigid foam series: applied to honeycomb panels, aluminum profile insulation rubber, car roof, steering wheel, etc.

  • Modified MDI series: used in cushions, toys, household products, automotive special glue and other industries

  • TM series: used in automotive cushions, toy crafts, household products and other industries

Other special requirements products: Develop special formulas according to customer requirements and on-site production conditions to meet all customer needs.

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