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Pharmaceutical products and intermediates

The iodine series products & pharmaceutical series products are the strategic products of the company's industrial chain extension. Focusing on the application of high-end pharmaceutical chemical industry, it now has the full-scale and large-scale production capacity of inorganic iodized salt products. It is a large  and abundant,with competitive production company in China. 

Iodization series

The iodine series products mainly include potassium iodide, sodium iodide , ammonium Iodide and cesium iodide, which can be widely used in medicine, feed, analytical reagents and catalyst industries.

Iodine series

The iodic acid series products mainly include potassium iodate, calcium iodate, sodium periodate and iodic acid. Used in the synthesis of pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals , intermediates, feed additives and nutritional additives.

Hydroiodic acid

Hydroiodic acid can be used for analysis reagents, reducing agents (reduced alkenyl silyl ether, synthesis of α-trimethylsilyl ketone from α-trimethylsilyl epoxy compound, split ether, cyclization of polycyclic ketone or phenol to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon), Synthesis of iodides and fungicides.


Iodomethane used as a methylation reagent, soil disinfectant and an alternative of methyl bromide (It was banned by the Montreal Convention). Widely applicated in medicine industry, organic synthesis, pyridine inspection, microscopy, etc.

IPBC(3-Iodo-2-propynyl N-butylcarbamate)

IPBC, as an effective bactericidal preservative, provides high-efficiency mold protection for coatings, pigments, paints, leather, wood, etc. Relying on its strong inhibition and killing effect on yeast and mold, widely used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, plastics, metal cutting fluids, textiles, paper industry, ink, adhesives, etc.

Pharmaceutical products

Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride Side Chain, Rocuronium Bromide Intermediate

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