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Fine chemicals

Fine chemicals are the company's leading products for the development of the field of high-end fine chemicals with the advantages of new products, excellent technology, safety and environmental protection, and high-end applications. The products involve carboxylic acid, Oil&Fat, solvent, resin and other series. They have strong competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

Carboxylic Acid Series -2-Ethyl Hexanoic Acid

Used to prepare various metal salts as a drier for paints and paints;

Used in the production of esters, it can produce chemical additives such as fungicides, preservatives, metal lubricants, gasoline additives, bio-promoting agents;

Used in the rubber industry as a thickener and gelling agent;

It is a high-quality material for the synthesis of high-grade coating resins.

Oil&Fat Series - Crude Cardanol

Preparing an epoxy resin curing agent;

Preparation of a liquid or powdery thermosetting phenolic resin, a modifier of a phenolic resin and an epoxy resin;

Production of surfactants;

Light-colored cardanol can be used as a new environmentally friendly surface coating.

Solvent Series - Diethyl Sulphate

Used to synthesize ethyl vanillin, often used as food flavor, perfume essence and soap flavor;

Very important plant mutagens are used to grow new varieties, fast and efficient;

Used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical, paint, dye and other fine chemical intermediates.

Resin Series - PIA、TMP、NPG、Vinylamines

Preparation of powder coating saturated polyester resin;

Preparation of unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd resin, polyamide resin;

Preparation of light curing agent, polyurethane curing agent;

Preparation of aviation lubricating grease.

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