R&D and technology
R&D Results

As at the Latest Practicable Date, we have obtained 38 patents ralating to our production equipment and method used in the chemical processes of our products,and has obtained 46 authorizations. It has obtained 20 domestic and international scientific and technological achievements appraisal and reserves dozens of technologically advanced new products. The Havay R&D team has improved its technology. Optimize the production process, improve product yield, reduce emissions, improve safety and environmental protection coefficient, to provide continuous power support for enterprise development.

Choline chloride

A production device for Choline Chloride aqueous agent
Intensive unloading storage device for choline chloride carrier
Device suitable for pressure control of choline chloride salt formation reaction
Drying device suitable for anhydrous betaine
Carrier feeding device for choline chloride powder
Carrier and water agent mixing device suitable for choline chloride drying
Temperature control device suitable for beetine hydrochloride drying
Continuous esterification and rectification device for methyl chloroacetate

Fine chemicals

Sodium salt purification device suitable for isooctanoic acid production
Hydrogen discharge device suitable for isooctanoic acid production
Automatic liquid dispensing device suitable for isooctanoic acid production
Method for producing isooctanoic acid
Method for preparing diethyl sulfate


Automatic precision batching device for polyurethane composite material
Highly efficient melting pure MDI device
Polyurethane composite quantitative feeding device
Exhaust gas treatment device for producing polyurethane composite material
Material cooling device for producing polyurethane composite material

Pharmaceutical products and intermediates

High-purity potassium iodide production and feeding device
Device for controlling the clarity of potassium iodide
Intelligent reaction device for potassium iodide production
Chlorine-free device for calcium iodate production
Sodium periodate acidification automatic device

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