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VIV Qingdao 2019

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VIV Qingdao 2019 Asia International Animal Husbandry Exhibition ended on September 21 at the Qingdao World Expo City Center.

GHW’s Tai'an Havay Group participated in this grand event with its sales team.

At the exhibition, GHW launched its own series of Animal Nutrition products (including Choline Chloride, Betaine, Iodine, Selenium and Cobalt and so on ) and Iodine Derivatives (including Calcium Iodate, Potassium Iodate, Potassium  Iodide and other Iodine Derivatives), and mineral additives such as Sodium  Selenite.

During the three-day exhibition, our booth attracted visitors from all over the country and even many overseas customers. The GHW elite sales team warmly welcomed the customers and distributors who came to visit. Through face-to-face discussion, it is very effective and intuitive to let us know the needs of customers and the dynamics of the market. It also enhances the friendship between the company and its customers and promotes further business cooperation.

This exhibition not only promoted our high-quality products, but also further enhanced the brand awareness and market influence of our company.

GHW is committed to becoming the most outstanding service provider in the global chemical and pharmaceutical fields.

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