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To fight the epidemic,Havay is in action

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First, facing the grim situation of the coronavirus epidemic, in order to resolutely implement the important instructions and deployment of the central, provincial, municipal and district governments on epidemic prevention and control, and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control of governments at all levels, Taian Havay Group will fight against the epidemic , Strengthen deployment measures, strictly implement the implementation, scientific protection, guarantee the life, health and social safety of all employees and their families, and work together with the frontline medical and health care workers and epidemic prevention and control of the "war epidemic"!

One. Attaching great importance to overall planning for epidemic prevention and control

In order to effectively promote the orderly implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, the company established the Taian Havay Group Co., Ltd. epidemic prevention and control team as the first time to comprehensively coordinate the coordination and implementation of the company's specific epidemic prevention and control work. The company resolutely implements the implementation of the company's new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control specific work, and issues emergency notifications for epidemic prevention and control to improve the prevention and control awareness and scientific protective measures of all employees.


Second: Strict, meticulous, and effective prevention and control measures

2.1 Unified deployment of special protection and disinfection materials

The company uniformly distributes masks, goggles, disinfectants, sprayers, gloves, protective clothing, etc. for all positions. Thermometers and oximeters are distributed at the entrance and exit gates, and personnel entering the factory are to take measures to measure their temperature and oximeter one by one before entering the factory.

Establish a standardized check-in and check-out system to ensure the first pass of security. The security was trained in epidemic prevention and control measures, and was equipped with disposable medical masks. Employees who did not bring the masks were issued directly and asked to bring them before entering. Register each person who enters the factory in detail, report it daily, and monitor it at all times. The epidemic prevention and control can be traced and documented.


2.2 Implement comprehensive disinfection throughout the plant to ensure internal safety

Effectively cut off the source of infection. All personnel are required to wear masks to cancel group meetings and activities, and the meals are carried out at different times to prevent people from gathering.Learn the correct disinfection and epidemic prevention measures, adhere to the daily ventilation and disinfection of production, living and public areas, and truthfully record.


2.3 Strict control of foreign personnel and vehicles to eliminate uncertainties

Outside visitors perform door temperature detection and cold symptoms inquiry, all are normal before entering the factory, and those who do not wear masks will be given masks. And arrange a special person to disinfect the logistics vehicles and personnel.


2.4 Establish a personnel inspection and reporting system, and establish a "real-time dynamic table of employee health conditions"

Make a thorough investigation to check the travel and gatherings of all employees during the holidays, personal physical conditions (with fever, cough, etc.) and whether there are people in the source areas of the key epidemic areas among close contacts. Collect employee location information, body temperature, cold symptoms and other information, and report the information to the company's epidemic prevention and control team on the same day.

Third. Docking with external information

The company actively responds to the government's epidemic prevention and control policies and joint prevention and control work at all levels of the society, and immediately reports our company's epidemic prevention and control situation to the epidemic prevention and control team in the jurisdiction to ensure that the internal and external information is accurate and smooth.

Fourth. Committed to a difficult situation

During the difficult phase of epidemic prevention and control, various kinds of prevention and control materials in various places were very tight. Havay tried its best to organize professionals to prepare 84 disinfectant and 75% alcohol disinfectant, and arranged for special personnel to be sent to the employees. Together to provide protection against the epidemic situation; donated to the resident administrative unit and surrounding communities, villages and towns for free, to assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and to contribute Havay's strength to win this "war epidemic"!


While the country is doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, Havay enterprises are fully mobilizing and deploying, starting the "epidemic prevention and control" tackling battle, consciously isolating, reducing going out, and contributing to Hanwei's strength with actual actions!

During the extraordinary period, please join hands to make a concerted effort, do not believe in rumors or spread rumors, and firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the party and government and the support of the people across the country, we will overcome the difficulties with confidence and responsibility, and we will quickly win the epidemic!

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