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The supervision team of Tai'an Municipal Government visited HAVAY

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The supervision team of Tai'an Municipal Government visited HAVAY On April 16, Tang Tao, Director of the Supervision Office of the Government of Tai'an City, Shandong Province, and his party visited the core enterprise of GHW, HAVAY to conduct on-site investigations on key projects started in the spring of 2020. The municipal and district governments and Dawenkou Industry Park related leaders accompanied. The HAVAY Industrial Park is a key project in the field of biology and medicine supported by Shandong Province, and was included in the list of Shandong new and old energy conversion project in 2020. The supervision group and his party went to the construction site of the HAVAY Industrial Park project and conducted field research. Sun Guibin, chairman of the HAVAY, reported the project planning and construction progress to the supervision group.

The supervision team and his party expressed their affirmation of the construction speed of HAVAY's new projects in special periods, and encouraged enterprises to overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, accelerate the construction of new projects, strive to put into operation and produce benefits as soon as possible, and make up for the delay in the previous time. They inquired about the difficulties encountered during the progress of the project, paid attention to the needs of the enterprise, and enhanced the confidence of the enterprise to stabilize the economy and seek development.

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