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The headquarters of GHW conducts employee medical examination report interpretation and health consultation activities.

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To let employees understand their health status and promote their physical and mental health. On the afternoon of August 30, 2022, GHW invited Director Zhu from our long-term cooperation medical examination center to our company to conduct employee medical examination report interpretation and health consultation activities.

At the consultation site, Director Zhu provided one-on-one professional services to each employee who came for consultation. She carefully interpreted the results of the medical examination report and precautionary measures, and gave specific suggestions for prevention and treatment in response to employees' questions. She also provided detailed explanations on how to prevent diseases and common occupational diseases.

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The consultation site was warm and harmonious. The employees who came for consultation said, "The one-on-one health consultation activities protect our privacy and bring a lot of convenience at the same time, saving the time of going to the hospital for consultation; it also reminds us that we need to pay attention to our health condition all the time, which is very meaningful. "

For many years, GHW Group has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Providing Value to Employees" and paying special attention to the lives and health conditions of employees. Our company hopes to organize regular medical examination and report interpretation activities every year to raise employees' health awareness and make them feel the humanistic care of the company. We also hope that every employee can work and live with a healthy body and a full spirit, and face new challenges with a vigorous body.

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