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The ceremony of GHW's Havay Group's "Safe Production Month" event was held

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On June 1, the ceremony of Havay Group's 2020 "Safe Production Month" event with the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a safe line of defense" was held. Group leaders, department heads and representatives of departments participated.

 The general manager, Fu, Jun, made a pep talk, emphasized the importance of the event in safety education, required all departments to strictly implement the event plan, and to convey the safety concept through a variety of activities, and implement the safety operation into the actual work, and wish "Safe Production Month" will be successfully completed. Branch leaders and employee representatives spoke separately and shared their own safety story with their own experience.


The leaders distributed safety learning related books and posters for each branch and department

 The leaders distributed safety learning related books and posters for each branch and department. All employees who participated in the ceremony jointly took the oath and signed on the banner, and together contribute to the successful holding of the "Safe Production Month" event and the safe production every day.

 This year is the 19th of national "Safe Production Month". In order to further establish the concept of safe development, prevent and resolve major risks, improve the safety awareness of all employees, improve disaster prevention, during this event, a variety of activities such as "Safety Production Open Class", "Safety Production Accident Warning Education", "Emergency Plan Exercise", "Safety Knowledge Competition" will be held to increase employees' safety awareness and enrich safety production knowledge and improve coping capacity and ensure safe production continues.


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