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The Month of Work Safety of 2021 Kicks off at GHW (Vietnam)

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The Month of Work Safety kicked off on June 14, 2021 at GHW (Vietnam) Co., Ltd, an overseas plant of GHW International. Company General Manager Zhao Meng, Deputy General Manager Liu Huan, workshops and related functional departments participated in the event. GM Zhao said in his mobilization speech that the Month of Work Safety was held to 1. Raise safety awareness among employees; 2. Strengthen employees’ sense of responsibility for work safety; 3. motivate employees to ensure work safety, and 4. facilitate work safety and steady operation of the plant. Additionally, heads of each workshop and relevant functional departments were required to 1. sum up recent actions taken to ensure work safety and make improvement where necessary; and 2. improve their safety management capabilities, propose suggestions to improve safety and learn from each other to enhance safety management.

Deputy General Manager Liu Huan introduced specific activities of the Month of Work Safety, including electrical safety check, protection demonstration of labor supplies, special measures on safety training, etc.; Increase the work safety record board to remind all branches and departments that safety production cannot be accomplished at one stroke,make sure to keep safety production in mind; Employees are encouraged to actively propose constructive opinions and suggestions. Company will evaluate these opinions and suggestions and grant related rewards based on their value. All staff can be involved in such activities in the whole year.

Nguyen Ngoc Hoang and Nguyen Minh Tuyen made speeches on behalf of the production and engineering maintenance departments respectively, explaining their own knowledge and understanding of safety work, urging all employees to participate in safety production work, achieving "three non-violations" and "four non-injuries", strictly implementing "fourteen prohibitions", and ensuring the personal safety of employees and the safe production of the company. 

Huynh Van Thanh, deputy of Safety and Environment Department led all employees to take an oath, taking safety work as a promise to keep, practicing safety production.

The launch ceremony for the Month of Work Safety of 2021 was rounded off, when heads of each workshop and relevant functional departments received their boards for work safety recording. 

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