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Shandong Provincial Key Project supervision and service group visited GHW’s Havay

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On June 4th, the Shandong Provincial Working Group-Daiyue District Team led by Han, Jifeng visited the Havay Group to investigate the key links and important nodes of the new project of Havay Industrial Park, were accompanied by Sun, Guibin, chairman of Havay Group, and Tian, Miao, deputy general manager.

 The leaders first listened to Sun, Guibin regarding the production and operation and management concepts of the existing east plant, and planning, investment and construction progress, of the West Plant (Havay Industrial Park). The leaders expressed their affirmation of Havay's development concept, development speed and achievements, and asked in detail about the impact of the epidemic and the countermeasures. They also expressed their appreciation for the company's precautions, prevention and control in place, became the first list of enterprises to resume production in Tai'an City, which guaranteed the supply of urgently needed materials for epidemic prevention and control.


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