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Pay attention to health, wonderful life - doctors from BenQ Hospital come to our health consultation

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In order to pay attention to the health of the employees of the company, the health monitoring work of the employees was implemented. On the morning of August 7, our company invited the Deputy Chief Physician of Ye Ming, Nanjing Mingji Hospital to come to our company to provide one-on-one consultation services for the employees.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of this event, the company's administrative department informed the staff to bring the recent medical examination report in advance, and organized it in an orderly manner. Director Ye answered questions about the physical examination report of our staff and answered questions about health issues raised by everyone. Nearly 40 people participated in the health consultation.

Through this activity, employees have learned about their health status in time so that everyone can actively prevent and cure diseases, and invest in work and life with a healthy body and a positive attitude.

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