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Liu Changsong,the party committee secretary of Daiyue District,Tai’an City,Shandong Province,visited the Tai’an Havay Group under GHW and made a research

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On January 4 in the afternoon, Liu Changsong,the party committee secretary of Daiyue District,Tai’an City,Shandong Province,visited the Tai’an Havay Group under GHW and made a research , accompanied by district party committee standing committee and deputy head of district Liu Lin, district party committee standing committee and director of the district party committee office Liu Canyu, director for dictrict development and reform Wang Qiang, director for dictrict industry and information technology Bai Andong, director for dictrict science and technology Zhang Hongjin, district government research office, district committee inspection room main person in charge and main leaders of the industrial park.


 Secretary Liu Changsong and his party firstly listened to Tai’an Havay group director Sun Guibin on the company's basic situation and recent development achievements report.Secretary Liu acknowledged the company's development philosophy of "top one, top two" and its structure of focusing on reaserch & development and production of three products. They learned more about "animal nutrition, new chemical materials and pharmaceutical intermediates & medicine" each plate of the proportion, development space and new product reserves, etc., and had high hopes for the future development of the company.

 Secretary Liu and his party went deeply into production site, learned more about the details of the specific product market share, market position and competitiveness, etc.. They understood the Havay independently developed a number of products, to break the foreign monopoly, to fill the gaps in the domestic market, relying on the technical advantage to win the global market, and take the initiative to fight foreign dumping manufacturer of courage and victory. Encouraging companies to adhere to innovation to promote the old and new kinetic energy conversion, relying on technology advantage to increase product competitiveness, is the only way to promote the development of enterprise. Adhere to the talent introduction, insist on r&d input, adhere to the technology constantly updated progress. Secretary Liu affirmed Havay's efforts to grasp technology and market with one hand, to work together and strictly control operation and management, and praised company's employees showed the working  positive status and spirit .


 The leaders also carefully understood the safety and environmental protection work of our company, investigated the enterprise risk points and safety control measures;Understood enterprise sewage treatment capacity, discharge index and so on in sewage treatment station.Secretary Liu stressed: In the process of enterprise development, security cannot be stressed too much, there is no best only better, only safety and environmental protection to ensure the healthy development of enterprises can have a foundation.


 Secretary Liu Changsong had asked to difficulties and problems encountered in the development, and the development of the enterprise next plan.He said the district party committee district government will do best to serve the enterprise.They  will concentrate on supporting the faster, healthier and higher-quality development of key enterprises. Havay is be requied to step up construction, intensify efforts and speed up the pace, to achieve the scale of revenue to a new level as soon as possible,to contribute strength for the economic development of daiyue district.

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