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Leaders of Yancheng People's Congress visited Havay, a subsidiary of GHW

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On May 21, Zou, Yishi, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Yancheng City and four others visited the Havay, a subsidiary of GHW, to investigate the implementation of the "one law and one rule" of safe production, accompanied by relevant leaders of Dawenkou Industrial Park, Daiyue District and Municipal Social Construction Commission.

The leaders visited the work site to investigate the first-level risk management control area, the raw material storage tank area, and listened to Tian, Miao, deputy general manager of Havay, on the company's basic situation and work safety report.

The most important philosophy of the Havay is that the health and safety of employees is the first priority of production. We have adopted standardized configuration, strengthened the construction of safety management team, strengthened safety production management, implemented the responsibility of safety production, actively promoted the construction of dual prevention system, continued to carry out hidden danger investigation and management, strengthened the management and control of major hazard sources, prevent major accidents, and regularly carried out emergency plans drills to improve employees' ability to cope with actual incidents, increase investment in safety facilities, add automatic firefighting facilities, and continuously improve safety levels. For the safety production work, we have strict control and attention to detail, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.

The leaders and his party expressed their affirmation of the safety work of Havay and emphasized that safety is the prerequisite for the development of the enterprise, and there must be no relaxation and fluke in safety production. Safety production is not only the work of a certain department, but also requires the attention and participation of all staff to truly build a safety line of defense.


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