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Leaders of Shandong Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology visited Havay Inspection of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production

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In the morning of March 10th, inspector Zhang Enqun of the Shandong Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and his team accompanied with relevant personnel from Tai'an Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Daiyue District, Dawenkou Industrial Park, conducted supervision inspections of Havay’s prevention and control of epidemic and resumption of work.

The supervision team first listened to Havay Group's report on the basic situation, the resumption of work and production, and the return of workers. They focused on inspecting the company's canteens, dormitories, isolation rooms and prevention and control material reserves, and asked employees about the commute status of the shuttle bus in detail.

The supervision team affirmed Havay's epidemic prevention and control and continued production during the Spring Festival, as well as resumed full production on February 10. They also gave highly appreciated that production capacity recovered to more than 90% in the short term and more than 80% of employees returned to work, and economic order that was restored. The supervision team understood in detail the difficulties encountered by enterprises in returning to work and production during the epidemic prevention and control period and resolved them. They encouraged enterprises to actively stabilize production and increase efficiency, and plan ahead to deal with the impact of overseas epidemics on exports. They emphasized that the epidemic situation was not finished, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed while production is in progress.


Understand the company's epidemic prevention and control work system, and check the epidemic prevention and control materials


Check canteen disinfection records


Check the implementation of production "small shift system", workshop disinfection, employee temperature detection records

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