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Havay R&D Center was awarded “Enterprise Technology Center”

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Recently, the company's R&D center was recognized as “Tai'an City Choline Chloride and Iodine Series Industrial Technology Research Institute” by Tai'an Science and Technology Bureau; it was recognized as “feed additive engineering laboratory” by Tai'an Development and Reform Commission, and Shandong Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau was identified as Based on the “One Enterprise, One Technology” R&D Center, it was awarded the “Enterprise Technology Center” by the Tai’an Economic and Information Committee.

Havay Group always adheres to the core competitiveness of science and technology and innovation, invests a lot of manpower and resources to deepen product research and development, process improvement, and continuously improve the technological content of products. The “Enterprise Technology Center” provides a solid technical guarantee for the company to complete the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, industrial transformation and upgrading, structural optimization and layout, and development of international or domestic advanced technological projects, and provides a solid foundation for improving the proportion of “high-tech products”. The basis of scientific research. At the same time, the company further implements refined management, completes branding publicity, and creates a solid leading edge in the ecological environmental protection green system construction.

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