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Havay Group Successfully Passed the Certification of Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises in Shandong Province

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Organized by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, the identification of technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Shandong Province in 2021 was carried out, and 122 enterprises were selected and identified as technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Shandong Province in 2021, among which Havay Group under GHW was honored.

The selection of innovative demonstration enterprises comprehensively and systematically evaluates the enterprises from the aspects of innovation input, talent incentive, innovation cooperation, innovation team building, innovation condition building, technology accumulation reserve, technology innovation output, technology innovation benefit, etc. It is a comprehensive certification of innovation R&D investment, team building and innovation achievements of enterprises.

Havay Group takes technology and innovation as its core competitiveness, and its R&D investment has increased year by year; According to the international GLP standard, the R&D center was established, led by returning doctors, and a high-quality professional R&D team with doctors, postgraduates and undergraduates as the core was formed, responsible for the development of new products and the optimization and improvement of existing technologies.

The company's technology center also undertakes national and provincial key scientific and technological research projects to improve our province's scientific research ability in related technical fields. The company has established a three-level scientific and technological innovation system combining company-department-production workshop (group), which lays a foundation for mastering the core technology of leading products independently and then developing high-tech with world-leading level; The mechanism of cultivating and attracting talents has been established, and the key role of talents, knowledge and technology in the economic development of enterprises has been emphasized, thus forming a cultural atmosphere of encouraging innovation in enterprises. Signed cooperation agreements with Nanjing University and Shandong Agricultural University to speed up the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements; on this basis, through horizontal alliance among enterprises, manpower, material resources and financial resources are concentrated to jointly solve technical problems, so as to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and society.

Up to 2020, the company has applied for 57 national patents and obtained 47 authorizations (including 4 national invention patents and 1 PCT international patent), and obtained 20 domestic leading scientific and technological achievements appraisal and novelty search in Shandong Province. Innovative development of a number of new synthetic processes of products, breaking foreign monopolies and filling gaps in the domestic market; Improve a number of production processes, fundamentally solve the problem of "three wastes" in the production process, reduce production costs, and realize clean, continuous and automatic production.

In 2016, the company became the first enterprise in the industry to pass CNAS international laboratory certification. It is the research center of "one enterprise and one technology" in Shandong Province and the enterprise technology center of Tai'an City; It has Tai'an Choline Chloride and Iodine Application Series Industrial Technology Research Institute, Tai'an Animal Nutrition Engineering Laboratory, Shandong High-end Iodine-based Additives and Green Production Engineering Laboratory, and Shandong Enterprise Technology Center.


There is no end to innovation, Havay will continue to focus on technological breakthroughs in products, devote itself to creating technological leading advantages, promote the rapid development of enterprises with technological innovation, enhance the competitiveness of products with brand building, and uphold the competitive concept of leading products, leading technology and leading the market to achieve healthy and rapid development of enterprises.

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