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HAVAY animal nutrition products are recognized as high-quality brand products in Shandong

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In order to promote the improvement of product quality and service quality, and promote the supply-side structural reform, it is strictly reviewed by the Shandong Quality Evaluation Association, the nutritional products of TAIAN HAVAY CHEMICALS CO.,LTD., a subsidiary of GHW International, are recognized as Shandong high-quality brand products in 2019.


The HAVAY always insists that quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and the key to enterprise competition. Through man-machine inspection of the whole process from raw materials, processes to finished products, we constantly optimize production processes, improve automation, adhere to quality and to the commitment to customers, we have become a reliable enterprise and set an example for the industry!

HAVAY will continue to strengthen the automation and intelligence of production, with quality improvement as the basis, turning product quality into one of the important fulcrums to drive the high-quality development of enterprises, and create HAVAY quality and a world brand.

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