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Governor of Shandong Province visited the Havay Group of GHW for inspection and research on epidemic prevention and control and safety production

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    In the morning of April 3, Zhou Naixiang, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Governor of Shandong Province, visited Havay Group of GHW to inspect and investigate the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and safety production measures, and Yang Hongtao, Secretary of Party Committee of Taian city, Zhang Ying, Member of Standing Committee of Party Committee of Taian city, Wang Changyong, Secretary of Party Committee of Taian city, and persons in charge of relevant departments of the province, city and district accompanied the visit.

    Sun Guibin, CEO of Havay Group, firstly reported on the basic situation of the company, and highlighted that the company has been focusing on the research and development and production of three main green products, namely “nutrition products, pharmaceuticals & intermediates and new materials”, and its market share of large-scale products ranks among the top in both China and abroad; the company launched the construction of the Havay Industrial Park project in 2020 with an initial investment of about 2 billion and an area of more than 400 mu. After the completion of the Industrial Park, the product line of Havay would be enriched and the advantages of the enterprise's industrial chain development would be expanded.


    Zhou Naixiang and the delegation visited the central control room of the Industrial Park of Havay Group and investigated the advancement situation of “mechanization replacement for manpower, automation for manpower reduction, intelligent unmanned and information construction” of Havay Group. Through centralized control and remote control, Havay Group has significantly improved its technological capacity to secure the safety and security of production.


    Sun Guibin also reported the epidemic prevention and control work to the delegation. In response to the requirements of the war against the epidemic, Havay Group has held special deployment meetings on epidemic prevention and control, arranged for epidemic protection and disinfection materials, organized nucleic acid testing for all employees, strictly controlled foreign personnel, vehicles and materials, donated epidemic prevention materials to local governments and enterprises in batches, and taken multiple measures to help prevent and control the epidemic in the whole community with practical actions whilst making good efforts to prevent and control the epidemic in the enterprise itself.


    Zhou Naixiang affirmed the intelligent and information technology for security control of Havay Group, as well as its strong and heart-warming measures for epidemic prevention and control. He emphasized that safety is the greatest benefit of an enterprise, and the enterprise shall take full responsibility for the main body of production safety and resolutely prevent all kinds of accidents from occurring; it shall speed up the promotion and application of advanced technology, focus on safety education and training, and promote a better, stable and sustainable production safety situation.

    GHW will firmly implement the deployment requirements of the provincial government, and will do a solid and thorough work on epidemic prevention and control as well as safety production with a high sense of responsibility and commitment!

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