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GHW's Happy Elephant brand debuts at the 2022 China International Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE)

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On September 20, 2022, the "2022 China International Natural Health and Nutrition Expo (NHNE) and the 85th Pharmchina" organized by Reed Sinopharm, was grandly opened at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

GHW's Happy Elephant Health Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this exhibition for three days.

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In this exhibition, Happy Elephant brought eight products including iron gummies, vitamin C gummies, collagen sodium hyaluronate gummies, GABA gummies, blueberry lutein ester gummies, calcium + vitamin D chewable tablets, glucosamine + calcium chewable tablets and collagen peptide chewable tablets, which attracted more than 300 customers, factories, brands, agents, distributors and raw material traders in the nutrition and health care industry to communicate and discuss cooperation.

In addition, eye-catching product design, free sampling activities, chic product peripherals, professional introduction and explanation. Happy Elephant has received unanimous praise from many industry professionals for its strength. Through this exhibition, the popularity and influence of Happy Elephant has been enhanced.

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