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GHW's HAVAY-Strengthen the competitive advantage and comprehensively promote the "3 increase 3 decrease"

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Due to the increasingly fierce market competition and the rapid changes in technology, GHW's subsidiary TAIAN HAVAY CHEMICALS CO.,LTD. strengthens its goal orientation, process advancement and results assessment to further improve its competitiveness. By enhancing automation, informatization, and intelligence, improving equipment quality, improving operating procedures, time management, and optimizing personnel, etc., to comprehensively improve production and operation efficiency and reduce production and operation costs, HAVAY  comprehensively carried out "3 increase 3 decrease" work:

1. Improve production and operation efficiency;

2. Improve the comprehensive level of safety, environmental protection and environmental governance;

3. Improve the three-level management of goal orientation, process advancement, and result assessment;

1. Reducing the number of employees per unit of workload and the intensity of employees' physical work;

2. Reducing production costs focusing on energy consumption, equipment failure rate and material consumption;

3. Reduce material procurement costs, operating costs and various expenses.

All departments should take active actions, respond to company requirements, sort out work processes, tap the potential and find breakthroughs, and improve from multiple dimensions and multiple systems. Effectively carry out "3 increase and 3 decrease" to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, process controllability, and better results, to improve employee income, form a better virtuous circle, improve HAVAY's comprehensive competitiveness, and promote HAVAY's accelerated development .

From the use of robotic arms to the launch of the domestic advanced fully automatic choline packaging machine, HAVAY continuously improves the automation and intelligence of equipment and processes to improve efficiency and product quality.

Machine intelligence, operation flow and management informationization, is not only upgrade the equipment, but also pose new challenges to us. Facing the ever-changing technology upgrade, only by following the trend can we be invincible.

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