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GHW and people join forces fighting side by side by donating supplies to help over come the difficulties of the virus

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Fight against the epidemic! On February 5, Havay Group, a subsidiary of GHW, donated a batch of urgently needed supplies to the industrial park, including 58 sets of protective clothing, 84 Disinfectant and 75% alcohol disinfectant. The industrial park management was distributed to the front line of the "epidemic" of the war, and the epidemic prevention wall was built together with the grassroots staff and the people.




The Havay Group tried every means to organize professionals to prepare 84 Disinfectant and 75% alcohol disinfectant, and arranged for special personnel to be delivered to the employees of the group to provide protection for the entire staff; and donated to the surrounding communities and villages for free. Assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and "contribute to Havay's power to win the epidemic."




Specific donation details:

①  16 villages around: 400 liters of 75% alcohol (16 of 25 L barrels), 375 kg of 84 disinfectant solution (15 of 25 kg barrels);

② Resident authorities: 50 L alcohol (2 barrels); 25 L alcohol (1 barrel); 25 L alcohol (1 barrel), 25 kg 84 disinfectant solution (1 barrel), 35 goggles;

Total: 500 liters of alcohol, 400 kg of 84 disinfectant.

Toutiao has a news report on Havay Group's donation:

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