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GHW Participated In The Hundreds Universities Linked Recruitment Fair For Graduates

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The Hundreds Universities Linked Recruitment Fair For Graduates is held by The Guidance & Service Center For the Admission & Employment of Jiangsu Universities and elite universities in Jiangsu region every year. 

After real-name online registration officially and strict verification by the universities, GHW International qualified to reserve the recruitment fairs. GHW HR participated in the two recruitment fairs in Nanjing Agriculture University(NJAU) and Nanjing Forest University(NJFU) on October 26 & 27, 2019. 

The recruitment fairs attracted the excellent graduates of 2020 not only from NJAU & NJFU but also from other universities to search the opportunities for the internship. GHW International offers intern positions to the students who are majored in Chemistry, Animal Nutrition, International Trade & Foreign Languages.GHW HR had face to face conversations with the graduates of 2020 in the fairs, learnt the new graduatesplans for the future careers and demands of their internships.


Let us expect to attract more innovation and excellent talents to join GHW International through every campus recruitment.


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