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Chenglin Gong, Member of the Standing Committee of Jianye District Committee and Executive Deputy Head of Jianye District, Visited the Headquarters of GHW International Group for Investigation

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On the afternoon of August 13, 2021, Chenglin Gong, Member of the Standing Committee of Jianye District Committee and Executive Deputy Head of Jianye District Government, and his party visited the Headquarters of GHW International Group for investigation. Yanbin Yin, Chairman, Zhaohui Zhuang, Executive Vice President and Cheng Diao, Vice President of the group attended the reception.

Chairman Yanbin Yin first extended a warm welcome to Deputy District Head Gong and his party for their visit to our company and expressed heartfelt thanks to the District Committee and Government for their care and support to our company during the outbreak of COVID-19. After that, Chairman Yin briefly introduced the development history, global business and future development strategy of the group. Next, Chairman Yin stressed the impact of outbreak of COVID-19 on the daily operation and performance of the company and the company’s countermeasures. Chairman Yin said that in the face of COVID-19, the group carried out strict control over all staff vaccination, telecommuting and health monitoring in domestic and overseas branches in strict accordance with the government’s epidemic prevention requirements. In the face of sudden outbreak in Nanjing in late July, based on the early epidemic prevention measures, the group timely organized the nucleic acid testing for all employees in Nanjing for many times, and arranged the company’s shuttle bus for employees who must come to the office, so as to eliminate the potential safety hazards that may be caused by public transport and ensure employees’ health and safety and the company’s normal business.

Deputy District Head Chenglin Gong first recognized the epidemic prevention measures taken by GHW during the epidemic period. Next, he said that the District Committee and the District Government attached great importance to and cared about the daily operation of enterprises during the epidemic period, and introduced the facilitation measures launched for enterprises during the epidemic period. For example, for employees who plan to go on business trips, the government can shorten the issuing period of nucleic acid testing reports to 2-3 hours at the earliest, and can also coordinate with epidemic prevention organizations to issue certificate of low-risk area. For the warehouse receipt and delivery located in non-medium-high risk areas of Nanjing, specific measures can be coordinated to facilitate the warehousing procedures.

Haidong Chen, Head of the Second Secretariat Division of Government Office, and Lifeng Dong, Deputy Director of Financial Assets Department of Management Committee of High-tech Zone, also attended this activity.

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