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Be prepared, easy, "summer"

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Summer is coming, the temperature is gradually rising, in order to prevent hot summer heat and heat, recently,GHWGroup AdministrationSpecially equipped with a small medicine box.

Some common drugs in the summer, such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water, cool oil, are always in the medicine box.Banlangen,Berberine, RendanWait,In preparation Staff Burst during the division Cold, fever, headache And mild heat stroke Wait summer Common disease Untimely need. In addition, it is equipped with an ear thermometer, an electronic sphygmomanometer,Quick-acting rescue pills,Ensure that employees monitor their physical condition andEmergency treatment.

GHW Group's administrative department will adjust and enrich the equipment and medicines of small medicine boxes in a timely manner to protect the physical and mental health of employees.

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