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Refined premium cardanol

Molecular formula: C57H104O9

CAS No: 501-24-6

Physical properties:

Cardanol is a kind of thermosetting phenolic resin which is made from natural cashew nut shell oil by advanced technology and can replace or partially replace phenol for epoxy curing agent, liquid phenolic resin, liquid or powder, and cardanol. With its special chemical structure, it also has the following characteristics:

1. Benzene ring structure with high temperature resistance;

2. Polar hydroxyl groups provide wetting and activity of the system to the contact surface;

3. The carbon 15 linear chain containing an unsaturated double bond provides good system toughness, excellent water repellency and low permeability and self-drying.

Packing: 195KG/D, liquid bag

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse.

Validity: 12 months

Manufacturer:GHW VN 






Clear and transparent

Density (20), g/cm3


Sticky (30)mpa.S


Ash content, %


Color number (Gardner color)

≤ 4

Iodine value gl2/100g


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